How to Create a WhatsApp Group?

If you have your own WhatsApp Group and you want to promote it and want to add more and more group members then you should create and send the invitation link of your group to others. People can join your WhatsApp Group from that invitation link without your further permission. So dear users, here in this post we guide you that How to Create a WhatsApp Group or How to create your own WhatsApp Group?

WhatsApp is a big giant messaging app in the social media world. You can chat with others in a single chat or also in the group form. And to join a group you must need the permission of the group admin because only a group admin can add anyone as a group member. But if you want to join a WhatsApp group without the permission of the group admin then you just need an invitation link to that group.

Nowadays WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the social media world. Almost this social media app is used all over the world.

How to Create New WhatsApp Group?

You can create WhatsApp groups by accepting the following easy steps. Every group has up to 256 strength members.

STEP-1 Open Your WhatsApp

First, you should open WhatsApp on your mobile.

Open WhatsApp
Open WhatsApp

STEP-2 Click On Three Dots

Then click “More Options” (Three Dots) at the top right corner.

Click More Option or Three Dots
STEP-3 Click New Group

Here Tap on the “New Group” option.

Tap on new group
Tap on New Group
STEP-4 Slect Particepants

Select any one or more than one participant from your contact list to add to as the group members.

Select Participants to Add
Select Participants to Add

STEP-5 Click on Green Arrow

Then click on the “Green Arrow” button at the bottom right corner after selecting the required participants.

Click on Bottom Right Arrow
Click on Green Arrow

STEP-6 Write Group Name
  • (i) “Type The Group Name”. This will be the name of the group that will be visible to all members. The name limit is 25 characters.
Write Group Name
Type the Group Name
  • (ii) Dear users, You can add an “Emoji” to the name by clicking on the “Emoji Icon”.
  • (iii) You can add a “Group Icon” by tapping on the “Camera Icon”. You can choose to use your camera, gallery, or search on the web to add an image.
  • (iv) Once set up, the icon will appear with the group in the Chats tab.

STEP-7: Tap on Green Tick Marck

After typing the group name finally tap on the “Green Checkmark” button shown as in picture.

Click on Green Arrow Button
Click on Green Arrow Button

Congratulation here you have to create WhatsApp Group Successfully.

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